Effective but Inexpensive Driveway Alarm Warning System

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As avid do-it-yourselfers, we Bubbas are always looking for truly effective but inexpensive solutions in the home alarm system arena. One of the easiest things we ran across lately was this simple yet effective driveway alarm system. It boils down to a battery operated PIR motion sensor that signals a companion battery (or AC powered) […]

Home Security

Top Trends in Home Security

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The top trends in home security are the trends that we want, and like the advance of technology itself, they are not necessarily things that look like the old way of doing things, or the business models of security providers of the past.

General Tips

Real Time GPS Tracking : Track Your Stuff

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GPS (Global Positioning System) devices have been in use for a while now. Most people are familiar with the LCD screens in vehicles, the electronic maps that draw or voice routes to desired destinations. This technology is also being used to relay the location of any kind of physical asset that you can attach one […]

Home Surveillance

Build Your Own Solar Powered Security Camera

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Bubba, check this out – Over at Jake Ludington’s site, he’s got a tutorial on a do it yourself solar powered security camera. ┬áHe gives some suggestions for available and fairly inexpensive parts that you can buy, though you can substitute a variety of similar components. Most of his parts were bought at Fry’s, though […]

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