A Burglar Confesses: It’s Easy To Rob Your House

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Check this out Bubba,

One of those stories about a burglar that got caught, did his time, and then redeems himself to to preach the story of how a burglar breaks into your house.  Only this is a pretty good confession, because his main point is how easy it is to rob your house . Not only that, the reporter takes him to a residential neighborhood, and he walks down the street and discusses which houses are easy marks. Then he chooses one, and (with the homeowner’s permission), breaks in and shows just how easy it is to rob the place. It’s almost embarrassing just how easy he makes it.

Obviously, we all think we’re protecting ourselves – hiding our valuables, keeping things out of sight. The burglar knew all the secrets.

…most people hide their valuable property in the same spots. Handguns are usually under a mattress or a nightstand drawer in the master bedroom. He said long guns and rifles are usually found in the closet of the master bedroom. While you may want to keep a weapon close by while you’re home, he said you should lock the guns in a safe when you’re away….There were two laptops sitting out that Portenier grabbed. He said these days thieves would take the computers to get any financial information they could glean from your hard drive then sell the laptops. This is why you should protect your computers with a password so that even if thieves boot it up, they can’t immediately get to your private information.

Their thief knows that handguns are always in the bedside table, (they were), and long guns are usually in a bedroom closet. He respects that folks want to be armed against scumbags like him, but suggests that while you’re away, you lock your guns up in a safe.

The video tour of a robbery is a three part series, and it’s worth the look. He shows, for example, how most doors with glass panels are easy to smash, and almost all of them have a single cylinder lock… meaning he can reach in and just untwist to unlock – no key required. We talked about this danger in an earlier post.

Here is video Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Great tips, the tour alone will show you exactly how easy it is to rob your house.

original article and video links here.


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