A Saferoom? The Secret Room Behind the Bookcase

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What's behind the hidden door?

Every bubba wants the hidden, secret room behind a bookcase – the bookcase that doubles as a door. If it sounds a little too much like James Bond, you need to understand that it’s becoming more and more common.  For some folks, it’s just a classy way to hide a linen closet or a pantry, to others, it’s the most logical way to design a safe room as a means of last resort self defense. A hidden room known only to you can also be used to keep valuables, gun cabinets, precious collections, jewelry, and electronic racks.

You can always have a bookcase/door custom made for you. There are a few shown here that can be built in a multitude of finishes, sizes, and styles. But as a fellow bubba, you’re probably interested in making your own.  Over at instructables.com, they’ve put together a great bookcase door, and included the plans that made it possible.  Imagine having a full home theater room hidden from sight when the neighborhood toddlers are running around the house, or having a place that you feel comfortable storing valuables, family heirlooms, and in a worst case scenarios, family members themselves.

part of the welded steel frame for the bookshelf mount


Bubba takes you through his drawings and plans, and there are plenty of pictures about how he put this together. To be fair, this is not just a simple glue-a-bookcase-to-a-door project. This particular set of plans calls for a welded steel frame,

“…rather than trying to hinge the wood shelves directly. This would allow the door to swing easily and support 500-1000lbs without a problem ( full bookshelf). I calculated the size for the frame allowing minimum clearance from the floor for trim and base board (2″ ) and enough clearance from the ceiling for the metal frame barely below crown. ( 5″) and the width was set to just cover the access door and be centered ( 42″). The steel 2×2 box was $90 cut to length with miters. I bought a couple of 3/4″ bolts to act as the pivot pins. These were welded 7″ in at center of bolt, from ends of the frame , and cut off to fit into 2×2 box anchors. The steel frame would pivot on a upper and lower anchor point, mounted to ceiling and floor respectively.”

the mounted shelf on the frame, pivoted open to reveal the stock door it covers.

Check out the many photos of this project being assembled. The materials cost was only around $350, a great deal for something this cool AND useful. Into the frame, bubba mounted the (apparently) larger shelf box, and attached trim pieces to cover the side shelving units.

Is it more James Bond? Or maybe Scooby Doo?  What could be a better way to hide your secret bubba-cave that the misses doesn’t care for much anyway?  Oh, by the way, don’t blab about your secret room and what’s behind the bookcase to everyone, ’cause then it’s not a secret, right? Install it as a saferoom, enjoy it as your bubbacave.


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