Effective but Inexpensive Driveway Alarm Warning System

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As avid do-it-yourselfers, we Bubbas are always looking for truly effective but inexpensive solutions in the home alarm system arena. One of the easiest things we ran across lately was this simple yet effective driveway alarm system. It boils down to a battery operated PIR motion sensor that signals a companion battery (or AC powered) receiver. The receive has a two-volume-setting doorbell sound, or a fairly loud alarm sound. This is about as easy and effective as it gets. Just having one in the garage near the bicycles, or on the front porch near the door or sidewalk, or in the alley behind the tool shed, this is a great little level (and cheap!)  home alarm system.

Even better would be the use around the workplace. Who is rummaging around the storeroom when they shouldn’t be? What about those off limit areas in the warehouse where so much inventory loss is happening?

receiver smallishIn addition to its use as an actual alarm, using it as an automatic doorbell makes a lot of sense too.  A great way to announce the approach of a neighbor, UPS delivery, or any unexpected visitor.

Since both units are portable and battery powered, you can set them up in almost any configuration, using them as a customer alert when you’re back in the shop, and later as a front door alarm when you’re closed for the day. Best of all you can power the receiver off for periods when you are present to receive customers or guests, and easily turn it back on when you need an electronic watchman! The batteries last around a year or so in normal use, and the receiver can be shore (AC) powered if you have it in a stationary place.

The units are actually “programmable”, in that they can be set up to either alert multiple receivers, or you can use multiple motion sensors to signal a single alarm. At this price point, running a couple units is pretty cost effective; a whole house alarm for way under thirty bucks! In fact, at this price, the Bubba’s Home Security Driveway Alarm is a no brainer- multiple ways to add a quick, practical layer of protection in a variety of situations.


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