Home Alarm Activated Pepper Spray: A Security Solution for Blasting Burglars

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Hey Bubbas, check this out,

Got a perfect security solution for blasting a burglar without a gun, one that automatically nails an intruder with a painful dose of pepper spray.  The guys over at bedgunsafe have a pretty smart idea that fits somewhere between a simple entry alarm and a more active system. Only, in this case, “active” means that when the internal motion sensor is tripped, the unit releases four ounces of irritating Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray.

Using a passive infrared detection system, a single Intercepter unit can control areas up to 2,000 square feet. When triggered, the unit releases four ounces of irritating OC pepper spray, to stop an intruder in seconds. The Intercepter can be installed in minutes with no electrical experience required.

Imagine what kind of barrier this would provide your home. Once inside, if not disarmed (within a preset 0-40 seconds), your intruder will be incapacitated. Even better, this would be an excellent failsafe for a protected room or valuables closet. Here are some of the particulars as provided by their website: Home Alarm Activated Pepper Spray

  • Needs no external wiring and is not affected by power outages.
  • Operates up to 4 years on a set of “C” cells.
  • Can be reloaded in seconds without tools.
  • No clean up required after activation.
  • Includes both a key switch and a concealed manually-activated on/off switch.
  • 0-40 seconds entry time delay, easily set by owner with nondirectional, high pitched warning tone to remind forgetful owners to switch the unit off. Impossible for intruders to trace the sound to it’s source.
  • Battery test circuit
  • Housed in a high – strength, cast aluminum/ alloy case. Compact and unobtrusive, can be painted to blend into any setting.
  • Includes 90 second exit time delay.
  • Includes 12V output for options and accessories
  • Includes automatic reset.

OK bubbas, so this is a pretty interesting concept. Sounds like this would best be implemented in a small “safe” area… a gun closet, or small room with limited access. Sort of the last perimeter to be breached. If you put this in a family area, you might risk some problems. If another family member makes an error using this thing, you’re gonna take a lot of heat for gassing the room!  And if kids have access to this type of thing, you can rest assured that they’re going to play with it. So you’ll have to be very careful in the way this unit is used.  But as far as a solid security solution, this would be tough to defeat … resulting in burglars being blasted by a nasty cloud of pepper spray.

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