How Can You Bust your Douchebag Neighbor, his Delinquent Kid and Pooping Pooch?

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Simple: a security camera. What could be cheaper, easier to use, and more effective than ever? A good home security camera will give you irrefutable evidence of sorry behavior by your douchebag neighbor, his family, and his worthless, mangy, cur of a dog. Nothing says “you’re busted” quite like instant replay. Useful in settling up damages, communicating with law enforcement, and a slam dunk in a civil (or criminal) court of law – video evidence is the proof you need. And as icing on the cake, these videos make wonderful YouTube postings so the rest of the town can enjoy getting to know the douchebag.

Take this former state district judge in Texas who was convicted of scratching up his neighbor’s car. He was upset about the car being parked on the sidewalk, so he decided to take the law into his own hands and did a couple thousand dollars worth of damage. The homeowner finally set up a motion activated camera to catch the suspect in action; the former judge was forced to pay for damages and fined. Not too much chance he will be sitting on the bench anytime soon, he’s lucky not be sitting behind bars. Without that camera, who would have believed some random homeowner accusing a state judge for some (expensive) petty crime?

How about the guy in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida that wondered why his nicely landscaped yard was accumulating bags of dog poo under his gorgeous palm tree? After getting tired of receiving a daily poo deposit, he positioned a security camera to catch the drop. After showing the neighborhood security patrol, the douchebag neighbor received citations and was forced to clean up the mess. Shortly afterwards, he moved from the neighborhood and video of his activities were posted on the web, complete with humorous music and narration

Total home security systems are available at such incredible prices now, and with ingenious features – built in recorders, covert housings, and amazing resolutions – for both night and day use. Excellent security systems can be hooked up wirelessly to the internet so that you can monitor your home from anywhere that you can get to the web. Plus there is an internal hard drive recorder which can record up to two years of footage! If you just need a simple, single camera that can be placed out of sight, try one that can be battery powered and will record days of footage on a small chip. Maybe you need something at work that will catch that douchebag co-worker of yours as he snacks on everyone else’s lunch in the break room or rifles through your desk drawer. Try a spy camera hidden in an everyday object, like a clock.  All of these gadgets are easy and made so you can do it yourself.

This is a win on so many levels. Nail your neighbor so that it won’t be you-said-he-said when the cops arrive, or when the court date is set. Collect damages. And publish pictures of the pinhead all over the web so his family, friends, and co-workers can enjoy the shame with him.

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