How to Build Your Saferoom Door: Another Great Hidden Room Idea

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We got a lot of interest in our recent post on building a saferoom or hidden closet. We’ve seen several other ideas which look equally effective. Remember, a secret door to a hidden closet or room can be used as either a secret shelter in defense of a criminal intrusion, or simply a brilliant and inexpensive safe to store your valuables, computer networking components, your A/V and home theater system, or heck, your entire home theater. This guy on YouTube at luvguns61 shows a great way to get this done for under $200, and it looks great, blends with the rest of the decor, and would not be recognized unless someone truly knew it was there. Take a look:

How to Build a Bookshelf Door

So is that slicker than owl shit or what? Imagine using that as just a great conversation starter, an entrance to your home office…. but more importantly as a safe room in the event of a full on emergency. This is definitely the place you would want to house the electronic components for your home alarm and any security recorders that you have.  if you use it as a safe room, you would probably want a wired phone line inside. The addition of a two way mirror is a great idea. Just a fantastic place for valuables, guns, jewelry, and even your small fireproof safe that houses your important personal documents and hard drive backups.  We’ve heard some suggestions that this would be a great entrance to your home theater; especially if you didn’t want neighbors or certain family members to know about your high end home theater (if they don’t know about it, they can’t invite themselves over!)

For $200, you can’t beat this as an additional layer of protection. Now don’t do showing it off to every idiot in the neighborhood, or to all the two bit contractors that trudge through your house. A secret is only a secret if it’s secret.


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