If You Forget This, Your Home Security System’s Effectiveness is Cut in Half

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Get a sign. A decal. A window sticker. Without it, no one knows you have protection.

Your truck alarm has a blinking LED light, perhaps a warning horn when folks lean on it. This is so that the average hoodlum is discouraged BEFORE they smash a window.

One of the main purposes for your alarm is deterrence. It’s a really good thing that your average douche bag thief bypasses your property and goes to bother someone else. (This is probably not a good thing as far as your neighbor is concerned, but hey, let HIM go install his own security system).

BHS Double Sided Window Decal ComboMore than one homeowner with a good security system, cameras, and warning devices feel (justifiably) safe within their personal fortress. While there is some secret pleasure in the notion of catching and dispensing appropriate justice to some intruder that falls into your perfectly secure fortress… the reality is usually not as neat and tidy as the movies would have us believe. Most burglars are going to ply their trade when you’re not home (if they’re smart). Maybe they’ll bust a window or doorway before the alarm goes off; you’ll be spending money replacing the very system that protected the rest of your valuables. There will be times when you aren’t home to take care of business but others are. And even if you are home, locked and loaded, do you really want to run the risk of God knows what? Who needs the hassle?

The less trouble that you bring on to yourself, the better. Most alarm decals and signage are fairly generic, even experienced thieves will not be able to determine the capabilities, components, or workings of your system by reading a small yard sign. What it says to the riff raff is: “we’ve taken some precautions here, we care about our stuff, this place is being watched and we’re willing to protect it….move on.”

One caveat: don’t put up a sign if you don’t have a system. As a temporary measure, go for it… but that’s a real false sense of security; and if a neighbor, a handyman, or one of your teenagers brags about not really having a security system, word will leak out. It’s a sorry truth, but many burglars get their information from family friends, acquaintances, or connections that they have in your neighborhood.

Is this a bulletproof solution? No, of course not. If someone is determined to break in, or is too drunk or high to be worried about consequences, then that is what your security system is installed for… to sound alarms, call for help, etc. But as we discuss all the time, so many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity- a way that some scumbag thinks he can make an easy buck.

Let him know that it’s not going to be easy.



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