Leave a Fake TV On to Keep Burglars Away

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Hey Bubbas,Leave a Fake TV On to Fool Burglars

We’d heard about this recently and wanted to check it out. Old school wisdom is to leave a TV on when you’re gone for the evening to give a potential thief the impression that someone is at home; now you can leave a face TV on to keep the burglars away. Very smart little LED gadget that puts out a flickering light glow at night that approximates the color and rhythm of your video screen. You can see the manufacturer’s website here, it’s called, appropriately enough, FakeTV. Their feature list:

  • Simulates scene and color changes, fades, and on-screen motion
  • Built in light sensor and timer
  • Small: about the size of a coffee cup
  • Bright: 12 built-in super bright LEDs produce light output equivalent to 27″ LCD HDTV
  • Saves energy– consumes just the power of a night-light

So you can plug this thing in and leave it going, just like a night light, and it uses about the same amount of energy. In addition to a light sensor, (it will come on as the room gets dark), you can offset that with a timer a bit, so it will come on before or after the light fades. Again, the clever part of this is that it works to just mimic that flickering TV glow.

A FakeTV produces exactly the same sort of light a real television makes.  FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes light as if it did.  FakeTV simulates the the light from scene changes, color shifts, on screen motion, and other television effects.  So when you see the light from FakeTV flickering through the curtains, it looks just like it came from a real TV.Light from FakeTV, just like light from a real TV, is constantly changing.  It shifts in color and intensity, and gives the impression of motion.  You see it, and know (or think you know) what produced it.

Here’s a story about it from the guys at TechNow:

This is NOT a replacement for other good security precautions in your home, but it’s another inexpensive tool in the arsenal. The purchase cost is  about $35, and you can get it through the manufacturer’s site or from a bunch of web dealers. Certainly a lot less expensive than leaving the large flat screen on.  Even combined with a couple simple lamp timers in other rooms, or an X-10 timer system – you’ll make it look like the whole family is all over the house! Just leave the Fake TV on to keep the burglars away, don’t put so much wear and tear on your real one!


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