More and More reasons to own a Nanny cam / Granny cam

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As discussed here, there are many types of video surveillance systems available for an ever growing range of uses. One of the first affordable home security cameras was a simple “nannycam” as it was known. Nannycams were various types of single cameras hidden (most of the time) in small, recognizable home appliances. A working LED alarm clock might contain a camera; you might find a camera (if you looked hard enough in a smoke alarm, a lamp, a writing pen, stereo speakers, and even in other components of a security system, like a motion detector. We saw one recently hidden in a lawn sprinkler head! The cameras have become so widespread, that they are now sold as bare hardware so that the user can drill a tiny hole and hide the camera wherever they find it useful to do so.

Nannycams became popular after a couple of high profile media stories detailed how families had suspected their babysitters of cruelty or neglect within their homes. Actual video of nanny’s and sitters beating or ignoring their charges outraged and scared families who employed caregivers. Even if parents or grandparents trusted the folks that they left their kids with, who could be sure without double-checking?

Recon Extreme Color Hidden Camera ClockIn the early days, these rigs were so expensive that licensed private investigators often rented out the units, or were hired to consult about installation, recording, etc. As with all things technological, the cameras are now very reasonably priced, and come in all shapes and sizes. The term “nannycam” is usually used to refer to a self contained system, (camera, recorder, and even a portable power supply if needed.)

These things are the perfect spy cool tool. Here are some other really clever uses that some Bubba’s have done with these things:

Nannies and beyond – How do your child care givers perform? And not only that, but what about a housekeeper or handyman that you’ve let have access to your house? Are they nosing around your house? Do they perform their tasks efficiently? Or do you get billed for their lazy work habits and thirty minute breaks?

Better than a baby monitor – Audio baby monitors are fantastic. What about a simple baby camera, that can be accessed by your computers or a laptop anywhere around the house or home office? Even hook it to your big screen TV, a picture in a picture.

Quietly keeping an eye on teenagers – “Sure dad, no parties.” Nuf said. Has someone gotten into your liquor cabinet or gun case? There are already combination GPS/cameras that can record inside and outside the car. Good way to check on Jr.’s driving habits.

Grannycams – We’ve mentioned before how home surveillance cams are good ideas to keep an eye on seniors. Often the grandparents don’t want you to surround them with cameras… but what they don’t know might save them. Just as nannycams exposed a surprising number of abuse cases, there have been an alarming number of caregivers for seniors that have also been arrested for cruelty to their charges. And often seniors are as helpless (or afraid) as infants or young children.

Those wacky pets. If you’re tired of the wife blaming you for the missing food in the pantry, find out what’s really going on. Find out how the pets are accessing things that they know they can only get away with your gone.

Peeping Toms and Pilfering. Strange footprints around the tool shed? Missing some mail or UPS packages? Are there new neighbors who don’t seem to have day jobs walking up and down the street? Stick a camera out in the barn, garage, or shed. Point one at the mailbox. Even if something is getting into your animal feed or seed, put a camera on the area to identify what kind of vermin is getting in, (human OR animal).


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