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GPS (Global Positioning System) devices have been in use for a while now. Most people are familiar with the LCD screens in vehicles, the electronic maps that draw or voice routes to desired destinations. This technology is also being used to relay the location of any kind of physical asset that you can attach one of these real time GPS tracking devices to. When you’ve got stuff worth stealing or people/vehicles that you need to track, you need to look at real time GPS tracking.

GPS trackers can save your business time and $$$ by keeping tabs on where your property is traveling to, (and exactly how it got there). Lost or stolen equipment or vehicles can be recovered quickly. Mounting these units EON GPS Asset Trackeron your delivery or transportation fleet can help you monitor routes, speeds traveled, and time traveled so you can manage fuel costs and labor efficiencies. A new level of security can be added when hauling expensive assets like jewelry, bank deposits, construction supplies, or hazardous materials. Keep track of fleet vehicles and routes that employees travel. ” The key to the EON’s long battery life is motion activation. While stationary, the device will report every 7 days. When its internal motion sensor detects movement, it will begin transmitting its location every 5 minutes. This allows the device to conserve power when it sits still. An integrated tamper alert will generate an alert if someone tries to remove your GPS cargo tracker, letting you stay confident in your property’s security.”

And at home, these units Livewire FastTrac Real-Time GPS Trackercan be covertly placed in or on your personal vehicles to track teen drivers or cheating spouses.  With a real time GPS tracking system in your car, (or hidden in a backpack or bag) you can basically supervise employees or family members when they’re away from home. Know where they are, how fast they drive, what side trips they make, and what times they are on the road. Set up a virtual, electronic “fence” on a computer map, and get notified if they leave or enter a particular geographic area. Hide it for covert operations(!), or let a teen drive know that it’s there, monitoring his every move, you know, for safety’s sake.


Portable, battery powered units can be transferred from one vehicle to another and recharged between uses. If you need a more permanent solution, or need units for your vehicle fleet, look for a unit that can be wired   [ LiveWire Unlimited™ GPS Tracking     ]     into the electrical system.  With internet access, you can monitor your unit 24 hours a day from any computer in the world. Many can be programmed to give you email or text alerts if various parameters have been breached, like speed limits.  Create a “virtual fence” on your map and get notified if your tracker leaves the perimeter.


You’ll need to compare prices not only on the hardware, but most will require a tracking plan. Like cell phone plans, they will be priced according to length of contract and usage.  Preview the software you will be using and check for any other fees.

For many it will be buying piece of mind; for others, the savings realized in tracking employees and equipment, monitoring company or personal travel, and adding a layer of theft security will be well worth the cost.  There are other trackers that will record position on a built in chip that can be reviewed and mapped later, real time GPS tracking will track your stuff live and up to the minute.



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