Secret Knock Open Locks: A Different Kind of Home Security Lock

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

Ultimate DIY front door security project: a secret knock will open your front door lock. Steve Hoefer at Grathio labs has a great project for putting this little beast together. Come up with your own secret knock, program or record that knock on this device, and it will automatically unlock your door.

The Secret Knock Lock

How many times have you seen a secret hideout with a secret knock?  It’s a staple of cheesy dramas, Saturday afternoon movies, and tree houses throughout the world… Sensing a single knock is a great little project for learning about microcontrollers, but what about sensing specific knocks?  Seeeeecret knocks?  And if we could detect a secret knock, shouldn’t it unlock a door?   If you can’t tell by looking this was cobbled together from spare stuff around the lab, it’s not much more than a piezo speaker, a tiny gear reduction motor, and an Arduino. And PVC pipe.

Open Your Door with a Secret Knock



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