Set Up Your Wireless Home Security Cameras: Monitor the House from Anywhere

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Wireless home security cameras are so inexpensive these days, all with the promise of monitoring your house from anywhere. Once out of the box however, it takes more than just powering them up for you to get them online and into your home network so that you can truly pick up a smartphone or pad device and watch the house from afar. Over at The Connected Home, Barb Bowman has a terrific four part series on installing a set of wireless home security cameras. After a local security company raised the monthly fee for her installed system, she decided she needed to put something together herself. She’s done her homework here, and her IT background helped her develop a whole house system. But again, it’s going to require a little computer and networking savvy to pull this off.

My first step was video surveillance that included motion sensing and alerts. Looking around, there wasn’t much of a choice for configurable, functioning equipment. The only affordable player that qualified was d-Link. So, I picked up a few D-Link IP cameras. Two DCS-932L’s and two DCS-942L’s. In retrospect, I could have gone with all 932L’s. These are easy to setup if you just want to view them from within your own home and if you have no advanced needs. Setting up to fulfill home surveillance needs was not trivial.  I can also tell you that while D-Link offers a free web based viewer for web browsers and a free app for the iPhone, you won’t want to use these… I settled on desktop controller from Blue Iris software that, while costing $50, does everything I could ask, including scheduling triggered alerts via email or SMS, etc., and it is viewable over the Internet with authentication protection. And there is a free iPad as well as an iPhone app that works beautifully with these cameras.

Set Up Your Wireless Home Security Cameras

After setting up her system, this is the view of the four cameras.

She was able to leave the old contractor supplied alarm system intact, but no longer pays $40+ a month for monitoring, service, etc. So if the house is breached, the standard blaring siren goes off. AND, her new monitoring system is programmed to email or SMS her that a motion alarm has triggered. In her multipart post, she goes into great detail and outlines exactly how to configure your router and software to make this work.

Here in part 4, she shows that after all your work, it’s easy to pick up a portable device and monitor you home effectively.

Set Up Your Wireless Home Security Cameras

Check out the drop down menus to jump to each camera separately

I can select an individual camera from the drop down menu or just tap a camera to see a larger view. I added a bookmark for the Blue Iris web server and also added it to my iPad and iPhone Home Screens for easy and fast access.If you have an iPxxx device and want additional apps to view your cameras, there are plenty of choices in the App Store. I wanted an additional, non browser based way to look in at home. There is a great app calledSmartvue/Smartvue S9 with separate iPhone and iPad versions. And Smartvue is FREE to boot. You can set up multiple cameras and even pass authentication credentials in the configs.

Most of the new wireless cameras make the promise of remote monitoring, but there’s usually a little more to setting up your wireless home security cameras. As Barb points out, finding the right system to work and play nicely together makes a tremendous difference.


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