Top Trends in Home Security

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Hey Bubbas, check this out:

At the recent International Security Conference, reports that vendors and suppliers to the home security market shared their take on the top trends in home security. At one presentation, Scott Harkins, the president of Honeywell Security Products for the Americas, outlined several customer driven demands on new technologies.

top trends in home security

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Smart phones & tablets: These are the devices your customers prefer. Companies like his are providing solutions that leverage customers’ usage of these devices. From remote access to alarm systems to tablet control for security and home automation, companies like Scott’s are heavily investing in supporting these devices… Home automation: Harkins says this is no longer for just higher-end homes, and no longer just hard-wired controllers. “We think it is coming downstream in the market in a very fast way.”

This is all stuff that we are seeing in almost every aspect of home security.  And not only in security, but folks are wanting to tie in whole house control WITH their security systems. From HVAC thermostats to lighting and home entertainment control, everyone wants the whole house on their smart phone.

Integration beyond security systems: HVAC, HR software, lighting, anything with data output is part of what the “security” industry has to bring to market today. Cloud services: Honeywell’s Total Connect is a cloud services and with Video Software as a Service (vSaas) offerings across the board, customers are moving away from huge investments in hardware and looking for cloud-operated devices. “Honeywell has been in the cloud for about 25 years with our AlarmNet services, although we certainly didn’t call it the cloud back then,” he adds.

This means, in effect, that all of these controllers aren’t going to have to connect via wiring to a central “alarm panel”, for a master control and communications command center. Most of the house is going to be wireless, with various systems communicating via an internet router (like security cameras with their own IP addresses) or perhaps through proprietary sub systems that control a variety of electronics and then connect to the web. This will allow do it  yourselfers to put their own systems together using off the shelf technology, and then either designing their own control systems, or paying a monthly for a brand name cloud solution.

Mr. Harkin also sees these technologies becoming more standardized so that the hardware can be produced to reliably work for this wide variety of software solutions. He sees a wave of apps coming to table devices and smartphones to enhance all these new home systems. He also revealed that “what has traditionally been a technology-driven industry is rapidly becoming more of a consumer-driven industry.”  This means that it is no longer up to large companies like Honeywell or ADT to simply show off a new gadget that they came up with, or introduce a certain technology that can be purchased, but now more than ever they are having to develop their business models on what bubbas like us are demanding in terms of how something works, how we want to use it, and what kind of budget we’re willing to work with. A lot of guys are creating their own apps, and if they can’t come up with something better or easier or cheaper, who needs ’em?

The top trends in home security are the trends that we want, and like the advance of technology itself, they are not necessarily things that look like the old way of doing things, or the business models of security providers of the past.

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