Where Can You Hide a Key?

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The general consensus is that it’s probably a bad idea to hide a key outside your house – but general practice is – everyone does. So where can you hide a key? Ask any burglar, everyone hides their key in the same places. Under the mat, under the flower pot closest to the door, in that rock that seems to be a bit faded sitting perfectly in the corner of that flower bed. ┬áStill, there are a million reasons to hide a key outside your home. The folks at stagetecture list only a few:Where Should I Hide a Key?

Most of the time, being locked out is not life threatening. 24 hour locksmith services and cell phone usually make it possible to get back inside in a couple of hours. But what about the times when every second counts? Statistically, most accidents occur inside the home. If you or someone you love lives alone a spare key will allow help to get inside quickly without having to break down the front door. This is especially true of the elderly or anyone with limited mobility needs as they are more susceptible to falls.

Kids and keys are notorious for not being in the same place at the same time. Older kids that spend time alone after school should have a backup key, or three, stored safely outside in case they have a forgetful moment. Not only could the spare keys save parents from having to leave work to let them inside, not to mention gas, but it also reduces the risk of potential dangers outside by allowing kids to get safely inside quickly.

Hide a KeyEven the new-fangled electronic locks can suffer from battery failure or malfunction. Luckily, each can be opened with a key if needed. So keys are here to stay for a while. Their suggestion is one of those previously mentioned hide-the-key-in-the-rock products. They link to it here.

So at least this rock “safe” has a built in lock. Obviously it can be taken away and destroyed, but it is not an easy or quick task for a burglar in a hurry. Their product video shows, in fact, that they’re pretty massive and smash resistant. The finish on the rock is very good, and it comes in a variety of appearances.


The Best Way to Hide a Key


A reminder: even if you use a product like this, you should blend it in w/ the landscaping. Do NOT put it right near the door. Put it in the garden 20 feet away or more from the door. Put it in the BACK yard if at all possible, or in an area hidden from view. Why let the neighbors or area contractors see you use something like this. Only allow contractors or people outside the immediate family know about or use this key if you absolutely, completely trust them. (Do you trust them to take your wallet somewhere?  Then just maybe you can trust them with your house key.) And teach your children or other key users to respect these rules.

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