Who is Bubba, Anyway?

Our mascot, Bubba

If you’re a Bubba, you know it. Your family knows it, and your friends know it. And we all know that it’s something to be proud of. It’s a term of affection and one of trust. It’s a term of endearment used for reliable friends, good husbands, and number one sons.

The accepted wisdom is that the term originated when a younger sibling couldn’t pronounce the word “brother”. All over the south, baby brothers and sisters can be heard calling to their “bubbas” to play with, to look up to, and to offer protection from neighborhood bullies.

So it’s basically the same as a redneck, right? Not at all. While there might be a bubba or two that are also rednecks, it’s not likely. Jeff Foxworthy and his Blue Collar buddies, have perfectly and hilariously encapsulated what it is to be the southern redneck. So what’s the difference?

Let’s put it this way, Bubba is the one that rednecks call to get them out jail. When the truck is in the ditch, when the fire exceeds the reach of the garden hose, when the appliance has been disassembled… Bubba will be called. In short, when your redneck friend can be heard shouting, “Hey,Watch This!”, someone is probably speed-dialing Bubba to come collect the body.

And Bubba will answer. Not in any flamboyant way. Bubba will quietly come to the rescue. Post the bail, get the tow rope, bring the shop vac, and get the socket set from under the truck seat. Quietly, methodically, and with a sure efficiency that silently proclaims, “I know what the hell I’m doing, please back away slowly – I’ll call you when I’m done.”

And unlike southern rednecks, Bubba’s are all over. The South, the North, East and West. Country, urban and suburban. Bubbas are not necessarily white males, (we all know rednecks can come in many colors.) A Bubba can be white, black, hispanic, even Asian. We all remember one Bubba’s dedication to Forrest Gump. Mano is shorthand for Bubba (hermano) in Spanish, but you’ll hear Bubba or Bubbito in use. Bubbas can be kids, (obviously where many began their lifelong calling), yet most of the time the nickname is earned, often later in life. Bubbas are usually male, though there are a few women that are worthy of the name. More often, a Bubba is paired with a loyal Sissie, which would be the hardworking and dedicated bubba-mate. (More on Sissie’s later.) A Bubba can be a blue collar union man, or a white collar desk driver.

Bubbas follow through. Bubbas finish the job, whether they started the job or someone else left it unfinished. Bubbas take a modest pride in their work and especially the craftsmanship that goes into hard work. Good advice is always welcome and shared among fellow Bubbas, but they know all too well that any redneck in any beer joint will tell you (a bit too loudly) how something should be done. To remember our Blue Collar friends once again, the motto “Git ‘er done” will always call to mind a Bubba. Do it yourself is the only way a Bubba knows to do it.

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